Sunday night update-10-28-2012: from Dad

Shane had a full day today filled with visits from many very close friends. Coach Keith from Shane’s Varsity soccer team presented Shane with a Blue Knight jersey with the signatures from all of the current players on this years team. Coach reminded Shane that once a Blue Knight, always a Blue Knight; being part of the family is a relationship that does not end. His face further lit up as he embraced his close friends Ryan, Jake, Nate, Raven, and Jordan. They spent a few hours laughing, cutting up, and reminiscing on old times. Even though Shane is not yet able to speak he was able to hand gesture and write brief notes on his writing pad. Beth, Denise, and Lori visited with Shane for a bit; their support and friendship have been such a powerful source of strength and encouragement for us during this time. Chelsea’s good friends Jessica and Eileen came from work and spent some time with Shane to close out his day. When I said he had a full day that was no exaggeration: once cared for by the nurse and us having some time in prayer together, he pretty much crashed.

Tomorrow they will reassess the swelling in his throat and determine a course of action. We are truly believing to see some great progress made this week to the point where he will move from this step down room to the final room at this hospital prior to being released to his rehabilitation program. Again, this will all unfold in its due time.

We heard a message from Joel Osteen this morning entitled ” staying in the game”. He spoke of those times in our lives when confronted by all odds, a bad thing happening, or an apparent catastrophe or event and our response to them. We were very touched by the message and were convinced it was a word for Shane and us at this time. We were pleased to record it and were looking forward to sharing it Shane at the appropriate time. Well, Shane woke up and our interaction led to me sharing a little of the message I heard today. I shared that I heard a message this morning and a little of what it was about. As it turns out at the time Joel came on, Shane’s TV was on and it was on the same channel as Joel’s broadcast and he heard the entire message. We believe in the ability and sovereignty of our Lord and are convinced He will work out all things together for good. At a later date we will revisit the message: what an amazing sequence of events. We love u; will revisit with u tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Sunday night update-10-28-2012: from Dad

  1. Thank you so much for the update, sounds as if he is on the right course. With Shane’s strength, beliefs, family, friends and a great team at the hospital he will prevail. It was nice to see a picture of him ……….Shane better days are ahead, never give up!!! Love you, “Unc”

  2. God is soooo good!!! He can take the worst of any situation and bring forth such goodness! My prayers, thoughts, and love r always with you!

  3. God is good. I am actually weeping with JOY that this weekend has brought you and the whole Mosko family.
    Shane is progressing because God is with him. Together they will move forward .
    Thank you for your endurance with the updates, you are truly loved by many, Kathy T-F

  4. We heard the same message on Joel Osteen as well. Found myseolf thinking and praying alot for you guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to write these updates! It means so much! Love to all of you

  5. We are so happy to be seeing that Shane is doing better and better. He is healing…thank God! Still sending love, thoughts and prayers. -Andrea and Luciano

    • It was sooo good to see Shane. Even though he was tired..he was still flirting;) keep that wonderful spirit up!
      XoXo to the Mosko Family.
      🙂 Eileen.

  6. Gail,
    God is GOOD. We are very happy that Shane and all of you had wonderful lifting day. The Lord is healing Shane everyday. Our thought and praying are always with all of you.
    Chris and Rafael

  7. Praise God with all these updates. What wonderful news to read each day and thank you for the testimony you are for others reading this site. Blessings to you. Love aunt Janice and Richard.

  8. Dear Jack and Gayle, thank you for keeping us up today with Shane’s recovery; so happy to hear that he is improving, GOD IS GOOD!
    About Joel’s message, I heard it also yesterday, WOW! YES! it was great; God talking to us through Joel, and in a strange way, if you will, keeping us all connected!
    I think about you guys everyday, your faith, and strength is such a testimony to all of us.
    LOVE YOU GUYS, praying for Shane and the rest of the family from ECC at Pembroke Pines.

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