Saturday afternoon update-from Dad 10-27-12

Thanks again for checking in on Shane as we begin day 1 in his new room and modified care. The room is set up for 2 patients in a shared environment, but up until now he has had it to himself. He does have a great view of Hartford but as of yet has not been able to absorb it. He had a restful night. He was awoken this morning by the medical team assessing him. He has some swelling in his throat which is prohibitive of the trach being reduced in size; they hope to address that with some meds. The ear nose and throat team now seems to be in the forefront with the challenge of taking him to the next level of recovery, working to building up his throat area with swallowing and building up his general strength. The ultimate goal as of today is by the end of the upcoming week having him to begin rehab.

Shane had a special visitor today (Shane Masters) sat for most of the early afternoon with him along with his sister Chelsea. Shane’s level of agitation that was frequently exhibited in the trauma unit seems to be gone. During waking moments he seems to be very mellow and laid back. At this stage he is good with communicating writing on the clip board and is effective with it. This recovery process is a one day at a time deal; compared to 1 week ago there is a major difference: no respirator, no hand restraints, a new level of awareness, when awake the ability to interact, his knowledge of where he is at and what has occurred with him, no paranoid moments, a significant reduction in pain killers and psych drugs, his back wound is on the right track, he no longer is fighting a fever or infection, and he is no longer in the trauma unit: I would have to say that is progress!!!

Our continued prayer is that you will be blessed in ways beyond what we can ask or think: again, thank you!!


15 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon update-from Dad 10-27-12

  1. Mosko Family,
    What a wonderful couple of days for Shane and all of you – and well deserved. A parent’s simple joy and hope comes through in your posts and we’re thankful that you’ve shared that will all of us. No doubt that Shane has a long road ahead, but the progress he’s made is inspiring and we continue our prayers for him and his family as he continues his recovery. We pray that the Lord will continue to walk with Shane on this path and guide him and his family to a profound joy at the journey’s end. Much love to you all,
    Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt

  2. Progress indeed! Please let Shane know all the Beckers are thinking of him! A step forward…absolutely!!!! So hard to let go of expectations & let progress develop at its own pace, but so happy Shane is finding his way toward recovery at his pace. Take care, Meryl

  3. I am so happy to hear about the positive steps forward that Shane has taken. May God continue to embrace you and your entire family. Miss you guys and think about you all often. God bless you and may his grace and peace continue to be with you always. Sending lots of love and prayer your way. Joanna

  4. This is wonderful news!!! Although I have never had the face to face pleasure of meeting Shane, I can tell he is a real fighter!!! John told me he gets that from Gail…but somehow I think he got an awful lot of good things from his Dad,too! Shane seems to be figuring things quite methodically and logically …hmmmm, where might THAT come from??? You guys must be so proud of him right now , as he takes his small steps toward rehab and planning his future. Despite whatever disabilities this young man has once his recovery process is finished, I have a VERY strong feeling this young man is going to find a very rewarding, long life ahead of him. God bless you all today and always,
    Pat Hill

  5. With each day comes a new blessing…..So happy to hear the good news…We send our loves and prayers to you all.
    Lenny & Cindy

  6. Dear Gail and Family…just wanted you to know, I am keeping up with all of Shane’s progress and that all of you are constantly in my thoughts…~ardie goethel

  7. Wow what a difference a week makes, so happy progress is being made, prayers are being heard. Love to Shane and all of you. Now we all need those prayers to keep Sandy from being as bad as they are predicting. Barret is even worried up in New York about getting snowed in when he is supposed to come home for the wedding. I told him he is starting to sound like is worry wort Aunt Pants. LOL Whenever Shane gets ready for skype we are all on and would love to talk to him. Take care and be careful this week. Great job Shane!!! Beth

  8. So happy to hear the progress Shane is making. I have never met him but I feel like I know is character and strength. Gail and Jack, I can only imagine the gratitude you are feeling for every step forward he is making. I think and pray for your family daily and share with my husband and teenagers Shane’s progress. Thank you for allowing us to be there for you. I hope every reply is like getting a big hug! Your not alone! God bless! Judy, Joe, Sam and Alex from Jupiter, Fl.

  9. Thank you so much for the continued progress on Shane. My heart and prayers have been with you and your family during this difficult time. I am so pleased to hear he is doing well and making progress!! Hurray!!!! God bless you all. Xox

  10. Such positive steps for Shane are very excited. I am thankful he is working so hard this is going to help with his recovery. God is great and He has special plans or Shane. May the days,weeks and months ahead show you all what His master plan is. Thank you for the updates I look forward to reading about Shane’s progress each day. God bless the Mosko family your strength and love for one another is amazing!

  11. Gail and Jack,
    Please pass on my blessing to Shane. Tell him that Michelle, Danielle, Marc and I have big love for him and we know that he will pull through just fine. We are praying for you Sugar Shane!


    • It sounds as if all of our prayers are being answered. But as we all must remember it takes some time. As someone commented earlier, with all of the procedures Shane has had I think we all felt our nerves on edge. But the path I have spoken of has led us closer to Gods rainbow.

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