10/26/12 from Mom

Day 27 in the ICU trauma unit turned out to be an eventful day. Shane began the day with occupational therapy and then progresses to some physical therapy. He was able to do the upper body physical therapy and wants us to bring in his hand grips to enable him to start getting his strength back. After his therapy he rested and then respiratory came in and capped his trach. He did find it difficult to talk. The therapist said that he would have to train himself on inhaling and as he exhaled saying his words. Not as easy as one would think.
During this time he had a couple of visitors which he enjoyed very much. He then rested much of the afternoon. Upon waking I proceeded to give him a cross that was just brought back this week from Jerusalem and given to him as a gift. Shane was in awe, that it was from the birth place of his Savior. He asked his Dad to say a prayer for his healing and the four of us held hands and prayed as a family. When Jack finished praying we were notified that Shane would be moving to the step down unit. By 7 pm Shane was in his new room and he now has a room with a view of the beautiful city of Hartford. We will wait and see what Hurricane Sandy provides for Shane to see out his window in the next few days. Rain or Snow? Shane at this point is now able to communicate by writing on a pad. It’s great to see that the arm restraints have been removed and he is now able to move a little more. The step down unit ordered a trapeze which Shane will use overhead to pull himself up and to reposition. The Doctors changed the wound vac today and were pleased with the way the wound is healing. We cannot leave the trauma unit without sharing our gratitude to all the individuals there who helped in the care and healing process of Shane during the last twenty seven days.


18 thoughts on “10/26/12 from Mom

  1. Oh Gail – so happy and what awesome news. Like I stated before, Shane’s work here on Earth is not finished. Your family has already inspired so many…..he will continue on a path of recovery and if he’s anything like you, he won’t take NO for an answer…. :-)…..May God continue to Bless You all……

  2. We are so happy to hear such great news for all if you. You will all be in our thoughts and prayers as Shane moves on to his next steps if recovery.
    The Gianatti Family

  3. Gail that is such wonderful news!! I’m so happy at the progress Shane is making. Prayer is a powerful thing and I’m going to keep saying a prayer for Shane!

  4. This is the best news!!!!! What a day brings. God is great~ he is with Shane and the whole family through this tough time. Looking forward to the future blogs ~ i we know they will be giving us all great news.
    Mary & Martha

  5. What a wonderful blessed day! Thank you so much for sharing. Love Aunt Janice and the entire Carey family.

  6. Awesome news! I’m sure the last 27 days have been such a whirlwind for you all and to finally see such positive progress must be such a huge relief! Prayers really do work! Love to all!

  7. Thanks so much for the wonderful detailed update. It made us feel that we were there with you. We are with you everyday in spirit and prayer. The good news on his progress and his being moved to the step down unit showed us Shane’s spirit and determination will move him forward quickly toward the next step in his recovery. Love to all.

  8. YEAH!!!! This is amazing news! I can only imagine the relief you all must be feeling that Shane is no longer in the trauma unit – that means he is making great progress. Will continue to pray for his healing and the entire Mosko family. All our love!

    Del and Michelle

  9. God bless our healthcare workers! They truly are amazing! Having that trapeze will probably give Shane a lot of confidence . Just the fact that he is controlling how he sits or lies has got to feel good! Everyday now he will find his strength in Christ and find that opportunities in this world are limitless to him with the support of an amazing family and friends behind him! Keeping the faith, Dave Schmidt and Melinda Brock

  10. I begin each day with a visit to your blog to read how Shane is progressing. I am always humbled by the faith your family shares. Thank you for including us in your courageous journey.
    Meg’s Mom

  11. It was so nice reading this positive update in Shane’s Blog. Everyone has certainly been waiting anxiously for improvement, he has the determination and spirit which is great. Make sure he knows all his friends and relatives miss him so much. I hope he was able to hear us the other night when Gail put her phone on “speaker”. Please keep up the “fight for better days” Shane!!
    Jack, Gail, Tyler and Chelsea you are a awesome “support team”. Hugs, Love & Prayers, Unc

  12. This is the news we have been waiting for! This is huge and a turn for recovery! God is good. The road is still long but God is with you every step of the way. We are praying daily. Please let Shane know that Josh especially sends his love. The Delbridge’s

  13. shane and family, all day every day, we think and pray for shane. that’s all day believe me. you are in our thoughts 24hrs. a day. God bless richard and donna carney

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