10/24/12 from Mom

GOd is good. Shane had his second good day in a row. He was off the ventilator the entire day and was still off it when we left the hospital a short while ago. The respiratory therapists are working with him to rid him of the machine and to be able to cap the trach so he can talk. This will be great as it is very difficult for us to try and read Shane’s lips to let us know what he needs. Very frustrating for all of us. The Doctor did advise Shane of his paralysis and his response (lip reading) was when can I use crutches? Shane was able to get through the day with this new knowledge. He flirted with the nurses and was making faces at us. He actually made fun of my sweater one time that I left the room to Chelsea because I had pink palm trees on it. When we asked him to smile for Tyler with two thumbs up for a text picture he did that for us. He has such a sweet spirit and we saw it displayed throughout the day: he is loved so much. We are not sure how Gods plan for his life will evolve but we are so grateful for each day and taking each one at a time. He is on minimal medication and he continues to be weaned. We are forever grateful for your love and relentless prayer; our lives will never be the same because of you!! I trust tomorrow will continue to bring great news.


38 thoughts on “10/24/12 from Mom

  1. Oh, what a wonderful day! We are all delighted to hear this good news and look forward to much more for Shane. Praying for further recovery.

  2. That is great news. I have been reading all of your posts.you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Terri,Sarah, Jesse and John

  3. Hi Gail, RItz, the twins, our girls and I have been praying for Shane everyday. We know God has great palns for Shane. He is a special young man! Give my regards to Jack, Isaac.
    P.S. Thank you for setting up this post. It was very thoughtful of you.

  4. What a wonderful update! We can all focus our prayers that Shane’s progress will continue in this positive direction. Many friends in Deerfield continue to ask about and send their thoughts to Shane and the Mosko family. Lenny and Cindy.

  5. God is good and can’t tell you how happy we are to hear the well deserved joy in your post tonight. We pray that tomorrow will bring continued healing for Shane. Today’s progress is no doubt a great boost to all of you and no doubt that all who have been following Shane’s progress are rejoicing with you. We continue to ask our Lord to watch over Shane and give hope and strength to his family throughout this journey. Much love to you all,
    Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt

  6. I have been reading these updates daily. I am a coworker of Chelsea’s and when I heard of the news my heart broke for her for Shane, and for the entire Mosko family. I have only had the pleasure of meeting Shane one short time but he is kept in my thoughts and in my prayers every day. This will for sure continue and I hope that Shane’s progress does as well. I was honestly delighted to read today’s update! Much love to the entire Mosko family. Stacy.

  7. WATCH OUT WORLD…GOD’S BOY IS BACK! Been waiting for this day when that spunk we all love so much broke through…and come on Gail, a palm tree sweater?????? No wonder he’s ready to get going, he knows someone needs to keep you in line! As always and forever….blessings, prayers and love…….

  8. Welcome back Shane!!!! God hears our prayers. Your sweet loving spirit is shining thru. All the docs and nurses will now get to know the real you and love you as much as we all do. Your will and determination will shine brightly. God indeed has a plan for you. Blessings. Love Aunt Janice. Unc Richard. And yes Gail. I hav to laugh at the palm tree sweater too. Laughter is good medicine.

  9. Wonderful day! Everyday should be like this! We continue to pray that Shane will have the strength and determination he needs and has shown so far, to make continued progress in his recovery. Love to all.

  10. Wonderful news!! Just wonderful. Thanks God — we continue to pray for your support and guidance. What outstanding news.

  11. Buy a dozen “colorful” sweaters….especially with the holidays approaching and keep them nurses coming….sounds like your boy is making a come back:) Meg’s mom.

  12. This is such good new, Gail!! I think about you and what you’re going through every day and am so happy to read about your son’s progress. I know it must make your heart sing!

    I saw some of the Purser Advisory Board members in DFW yesterday and felt how much many of them care for you…we’ll be there for you at work in any way we can!

    Keep wearing those sweaters!!
    With lots of love, Craig.

  13. AWESOME!! Sooooo happy to hear this! This proves that prayer can work miracles. Shane is so strong, so curageous, and so loved that he was working things out in his own time! Now – watch out!! There is a plan in place – can’t wait to see where he is going with it. It will be spectacular, I’m sure!

    Take care. Love you all!!
    Del and Michelle

  14. Oh my goodness, what wonderful news! Welcome back Shane! Thank you all so much for sharing and for continuing to keep all of us updated so frequently and thoroughly. Sending prayers and warm thoughts from Patuisset.
    Meghan Fresta

  15. We are so very happy for the great two days Shane has had. Shane (as are all of you) are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We pray for Shane’s recovery and are grateful to hear about him everyday.

  16. This is great news Gail! Praise God. Stay strong and faithful! Every step forward is a victory for Shane. Everyone here asks about Shane and wishes him a full recovery.
    I send my thoughts and prayers to your family.

  17. Dear Gail, thank you for the update. I’m very happy to hear that Shane is progresing day by day, praise the Lord. We keep praying for Shane’s prompt recovery and for the entire family. ❤ Philippians 4:6
    I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

  18. God is good.wonderful news,brought happy tears to my eyes.
    Hang in there.Shane seems. Like an awesome young man.I’m sure. His angels are with him.
    Love and. Strength to all of you.

  19. Prayers are being answered Gail. So thankful our God has mercy on us. We will keep praying for Shane, your family and the doctors and nurses treating Shane. Thank you for the posts I look for them each day. Take are of yourselves.


  20. God is Good! I guess he knows just the right dosage of faith and hope. Please tell Shane is has quite the fan club learning all about him, and sending love and prayers. Have a very good night!
    Love Barbara and Greg

  21. We are so happy to hear the good news! No doubt Shane has so much strength and courage because of the love he feels from his family.
    We will continue to pray,
    Love Tom and Melissa

    • Gail, Family and Friends:
      I still believe that somewhere over the rainbow that God has made for all of us, he honors or prayers and does the right thing on our behalf.

  22. So glad to hear the positive news! Can’t wait to hear more about his progress in the upcoming days!! Stay strong! Love to all!

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