10/23/12 from Mom

Shane had a restful night last night and today he was able to come off the ventilator for about 8 hours, which is huge. They put a mask over his trach and he was breathing on his own. Praise GOD!!!!!! He became tired and now has the ventilator back on for the evening to get a good nights rest. If all goes well tonight, they will repeat the process tomorrow and try for a longer time off the ventilator. His medication has significantly been reduced and seems to be more alert at times. Praying that today was a step in the right direction and that the steps continue to move forward. One of the nurses suggested that maybe if Shane had a couple of friends stop by, it might be good for him. Chelsea was able to get in touch with Meghan and Raven (two of Shane’s close friends)and they came for a brief visit). This put a smile on his face. Since Shane is still in the ICU trauma unit visitation is limited and we were privileged to be able to allow a short visit. Thanks again for the continued support and prayers.


21 thoughts on “10/23/12 from Mom

  1. I am so glad to hear that Shane is doing better and also hoping and praying that he will now be on the road to recovery. Gail, I think of you and your family everyday and keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Eileen

  2. Praise God indeed! Way to go Shane! Day by day we pray for his continued progress. Our thoughts and prayers with you all. Chris,Laurie Kristen& Nathan

  3. Gail – that’s awesome news! Praying that he is on the right path and just keeps getting stronger and more alert. Love you all. Michelle and Del.

  4. Omg. This is such great news!! Yes, young people need their friends, so cool that you guys recognize this and are making this happen!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise him all creatures here below, praise him above ye heavenly hosts, praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!!!!

  5. What a pleasure to hear some “good news”, everyone is thinking and praying for Shane & family. Lets hope each day he improves, it may take longer than desired….we must be patient. That was nice of his friends to visit, the nurse better beware the entire wing may soon be full of friends and family!!! Shane keep up the good work, better days are ahead. Love you, Unc

  6. Yeah!! This is really encouraging news!! May tomorrow provide even more wonderful steps forward:) We’ll keep praying for Shane and all of you. Love, Pat and Kevin

  7. Gail
    So happy to hear the Big Ray of Hope today brought. God Bless all of you for your strength and courage, and your inspiring faith that you show all of us. May God continue to watch over Shane, and guide him on the road to recovery. Sending lots of prayers and hugs.
    Love Barbara and Greg

  8. we are so happy to hear good news! Tom and I think of you daily. Your strength and courage during this time is amazing….
    Sending you lots of prayer and hugs,
    Tom and Melissa

  9. Amen, amen, amen! The power of youth and love of friends will spark the fire! Along with the breath of God’s Holy Spirit that will ignite the flame in Shane’s soul! Nothing better than evening prayer celebrating a very special day. Blessings, love and prayers…..

  10. A further step forward for Shane and all of you. We are all so pleased to hear of this progress and continue to pray for more each day, one day at a time. We will take the time to be thankful for each step of recovery.

  11. What wonderful news to read. It sounds like Shane has turned the corner on
    many levels Praise God. Love us.

  12. Hi Gail , first I am so sorry to hear about your Son. I am Praying for your Sons full recovery and for god to give you and your family peace and strength during this difficult time.
    Gigi Garrett sends her prayers and blessing for you and your family.
    Love Holly Booker

  13. Such good news!!! Thank you so much for keeping everyone who cares for Shane informed. We think of him often and our prayers go out to everyone. We are very excited that he is making such great progress!!

  14. It was so such a great evening for us to read that Shane had a better day and has progressed the last few days. We are hoping and praying that he keeps moving forward each day now so that he will be on the pathway to rehab and recovery. Ryan is looking forward to the day to visit with Shane. With Shane’s improvement we are looking for better days ahead for your entire familty.
    Our very best wishes, hopes and prayers…The Govoni’s

  15. Gail….we are all thinking of you and your family and praying for Shane. We miss you at work and look forward to your return…….which means Shane is healing…Peace, Debra Davey….IMA

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