Sunday morning update-10-21-12: from Dad

Last night Shane had an agitated moment and became pretty stirred; he actually pulled out his feeding tube at one point. Once he is able to get a cognitive handle on his situation he will be channeling this energy towards his recovery; hopefully, this will be soon. Shane is not really big in physical stature but he is strong as a bear. We use to wrestle some just messing around and he use to give me a run, those times usually ended with broken glasses, being out of breath, and the need to take a rest (I am not talking about him with my description); I usually got the short end of the event. This same toughness and strong will to win (he got that from his mom) will carry him through on his journey.

They lowered his ventilator #s this morning and he is doing well; they plan to continue to wean him off of this with its removal being the eventual end. He still has some type of infection which they are running tests; although his white blood cell count is high it is not where it was. He was awake this morning (his eyes opened) and was mellow and cooperative. He is sleeping now and will have some waking moments through the day; we hope to be able to reinforce our love and support for him during these times which hopefully will prove encouraging for him.

Shane has a standing offer from Briana (an 8-year old precious sweetheart) who would like to read to Shane; her conviction is that when she reads to folks not feeling well they get better. As complicated as life’s scenarios become and our driving tendency to have to figure them out, having the approach and perspective of a child somehow makes them easier to handle and can teach us a lesson. Simple child-like faith is a powerful tool that we can employ to carry us through the monstrous mountains that we all face. Thank you Briana for your powerful words of wisdom!!


2 thoughts on “Sunday morning update-10-21-12: from Dad

  1. We are thinking of you all!!! Thanks for the updates, I can only imagine what you are going through and just want you to know we are praying for all of you and sending our love!! Pam,George and Greg.

  2. Thoughts and prayers continue as always. Keri pulled out her ICP, her CVL And tried for the ventilator before she was resedated…I kind of used to smile because, to me, it meant that she wa trying to get back to us.
    Shane is a Tough kid with a huge spirit and I pray this will help him in his recovery!
    Briana sounds like a sweet little girl…
    From what I read here, you all are surrounded with lots of love, prayers and well wishes. I hope you can print these out for Shane to read some day…
    Keeping you all close, love sandi

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