Sunday evening 10/21/12 from Mom

We remained at the hospital the entire day with Shane. He was in and out of awareness. The medications seem to still keep him sedated for the most part. The ventilator remained on the same settings all day, we were hoping they would decrease,however he maintained throughout the day so hopefully tomorrow the settings will change. He does seem to be calmer, which is the goal of the medications. Praying for a restful night and that we will be off to a productive week.


7 thoughts on “Sunday evening 10/21/12 from Mom

  1. Thank you for the update……hang in there, we are praying with you every step of the way as we know hundreds of others are…Shane is of tough, tough stock and WILL become even stronger as a result of this..
    Pat Hill

  2. I recently found out about Shane’s accident and he hasn’t left my thoughts ever since, I was never close to Shane (he graduated a year ahead of me) but I used to help out keeping the books for the soccer team in high school and I know his strength will keep him getting through this, hoping and praying for things to keep improving and getting better each day, it is amazing to me how strong his family is and I really appreciate all the updates<3

  3. Dear Jack, Gail and family,
    I can’t imagine the journey that takes your from the super highways of the trauma unit to these bumpy rocky roads of waiting for Shane’s next step. I sense your exhaustion and anxiety, but I also can feel your strength. So many prayers to provide you with a place to rest your heads and hearts. Listen for them in the quiet and let them wrap around you….that truly is the work of God’s angels….love, blessings and prayers….

  4. Dear Gail and Family,
    I just learned of your situation, my thoughts and prayers are for Shane and your family, as you go through this journey.
    Barbara Keeler

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