Saturday morning update-10-20-2012: from Dad

Good morning! Thank you for taking the time to check in on Shane and his progress today. We are steadfastly walking this journey one step at a time and fighting the good fight for and with him. The challenge for the last several days has been with the management of his medication, weaning him off and finding a place where he can progress towards rehab. The good news is that he is totally off any intravenous administered drugs and is down to being given through his food tube. He is on a schedule that is given incrementally through the day. The plan today is to cut one of the meds in half.

Hopefully, today we can take advantage of the waking moments and interact effectively with him. He is still working through some healing with his lungs as he is starting to deal with ridding some flem that is present. There is no telling the extent of the trauma he has had to deal with as a result of the accident he endured. Sue stated so eloquently and insightfully the other day; he is still with us, he is still healing and he is still with us. Going into week 4 is somewhat unsettling; however, our hope through our faith is strong. We are not in control but we know Him who is; His grace is sufficient.

The expectation is that he will continue to get strong, heal, and reach a point when he will get on an aggressive path to recovery; at that time the ball will be in his court with the total support that everyone will be able to provide. He is a strong young man with vigor for life; I don’t expect that to change with this incident. I will provide another update soon; thanks again and have a great weekend; all our love!!!


8 thoughts on “Saturday morning update-10-20-2012: from Dad

  1. Healing doesn’t have a timeline….So glad he is progressing, that is what is important. We continue to hold Shane and all of you in our hearts and in our prayers. Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us. Much love, Lenny, Cindy, Mike and Brian

  2. Dear Jack and Gail,
    Shane is not only blessed by God with incredible medical care but by an entire family who finds STRENGTH AND POWER IN OUR LORD. I know few others like you. When you get weary and fearful, always remember that our brains cannot process gratitude and worry at the same time, as well as hope and fear, faith and doubt. I will continue to pray that the one who discourages us will not find a bit of space to bring worry, fear and doubt into your hearts or minds. Love, blessings and prayers.

  3. Hello my dear friends. We are staying in touch through this blog, andin that way pray specifically for what we see is the need. Knowing that God healed Shane already. He was, is and will be a God of miracles !.. We are in Orlando, with our daughter Karla Guiselle playing soccer. And remembering Shane playing.. we are claiming his healing, our prayers are also that Shane will believe it!
    We love you

  4. Love & faith envelopes your family. I admire your strength and keep Shane and his recovery in my thoughts every day.

  5. When my father was sick, before he passed away, I realized and took comfort; though sometimes very difficult, that God was the driver. I was only the passenger. God blessed Shane, as his work on Earth is not complete. He has great things yet to come. Your family and Shane’s fight has already touched so many lives. May God continue to bless you everyday through this fight, and remember God is holding you through this most difficut time, like Footprints in the Sand….Much love…Steph

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