10/19/12 from Mom

Shane did not have a restful night and therefore was given meds at some point early morning and as a result has slept the entire day. He was taken off the continuos drips of medications which hopefully will help in him becoming alert. Really hoping that tomorrow is a more productive day.


9 thoughts on “10/19/12 from Mom

  1. HI Gail and Family,
    I know you gave some info to the Miami Cure for P… but also I wanted to let you know 2 things. First, I saw an episode of “Glee” (one of the main characters is paralyzed). In this episode, that character was given a new invention (for real) so that paralyzed character could walk. It is similar to crutches with small stilts. The end of the show credits named the actual inventor and how to actually contact him. I believe this was a Christmas episode, not the last season, but a previous season.
    Also, when I flew to Quito, we had several paralyzed passengers going to Quito for a new treatment. Their MD had been from the USA, but because his treatments were still in the testing stage with the FDA, they were not approved for use in the USA. One passenger was a college student. Unfortunately, I don’t have their MD’s name.
    Flew with Barry Essig, and tried to post a message from him. He sends his love and prayers.

  2. Hi Gail
    I know the process of coming off the medication is important, and it does seem like two steps forward, once back. But this is often how medical progress often advances. A few good things you mentioned, a shave, a smile, and not being agitated when trying to speak. So I will say my prayers thanking God for the little things, and asking him to continue Shane’s recovery. I know it will never be fast enough for everyone especially Shane, but it will happen..
    Love and Prayers
    Barbara and Greg

  3. Hang in there. It is a slow process and Shane is a strong guy. Healing comes in many forms and although he is sleeping he is healing. Hope the rest of the family is finding time to get some rest. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Bill queen

  4. Gail, Keeping you all in thoughts in prayers for the days ahead when Shane wakes and has to come to terms with what lies ahead. But it sounds like he has the most amazing family to be there for him – and always with a smile! Never give up HOPE!!!
    Anna Notte-Bonnin (IMA F/A)

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