Thursday night update: from Dad

Shane seemed to have a pretty good day with continuing to be weened off of all of the meds that kept him calm for the last 19 days. As Gail mentioned his white blood count has dropped considerably meaning the infection that was somewhere is leaving. He finally received his shave (thought it was going to be a couple of days ago) and he looks good (not up to Shanes standards, however a great improvement).

Tonight he opened up his eyes for a period of time and made attempts to communicate. At this time he really cannot speak due to his vocal cords still trying to rebound due to the length of time the air-tube was in, hopefully, they will bounce back soon. The nurse encouraged him to speak slow and we would try to read his lips; he was getting frustrated with not being able to convey his words. The great part was that while trying to interact he was not in that agitated state that we had seen over the last couple of weeks when he was awakened. The tough part is that he is still dealing with the effects of all of the meds; he is still somewhat out there. A couple of times he managed a mild smile when we tried to lighten things up a little. When the nurse was swabbing his mouth he fully cooperated with her requests.

He seemed to make several attempts to reach out to his waist area and pull on the pillows that were present. He seems to be disturbed and confused as he attempts to address that area of his body. I reminded him that he just had major surgery and he needed to be still and continue to let it heal. There is a meeting in the morning with the Psychology team to discuss next steps. His wound vac is still in place which seems to be doing a great job. He seems to be dealing what the nurse described as back spasms which is common with this type of surgery; hopefully, the pain killers will address this. Although his recovery is not as quick as we had hoped and anticipated we believe his is still moving forward and progressing. Thank you for your continued support; we are grateful for your love and prayer!


9 thoughts on “Thursday night update: from Dad

  1. Sounds very positive and moving along slowly ( Patience Mom and Dad!!!!)…….Hard to remember the fact that he IS healing while he is on the meds….Please try and get some rest and “you time”…..he will need you to be strong as he continues to heal…remember the “sleep when the baby sleeps” theory and how mad it made us all when our mom’s reminder us? Well, hate to remind you , our Mom’s were right!!! Continued prayers for Shane and you all! Pat Hill

  2. This is so sad, I had a patient today sounding very similar to this situation and I thought of Shane. My heart goes out to the whole family!

  3. The one medicine that doesn’t seem to fail is “nurse therapy”. Keep those hot beautiful ladies coming… (Meghan will have a few words with me
    for writing this….I may be blocked from your blog:)

  4. THANK GOD we have TODAY! Another day to heal and rest…..You are doing an amazing job of letting God drive the bus and take Shane’s medical team on this journey with him. I know it’s hard to sit so far back in the bus that you can’t see the highway. This really is the time for you to try and rest and refresh. Before you know it, it will be your turn to navigate with God and you will need all the energy you can find!
    Blessings, prayers and love.

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