10/18/12 from Mom

Shane had a restful night and appears to be awake a little more often. He has opened his eyes today more so than any other day. He still has three weeks of medication in him and therefore is drowsy and still remains somewhat medicated. The white blood count has come down and currently the infection he has seems to be under control. It is hard to explain in words that for the past 19 days we have been wanting him to wake up and be aware and as the day/moment approaches it is very difficult to imagine what this time will be like for Shane as he finds out what the future entails for him. I must tell you that from a parents viewpoint this is heart wrenching and you wish that you could trade places with your child. As we go through the next few days of this journey and they maybe some of the most difficult days, we just want you to know that it is the encouragement and prayers that are helping us with each step.


22 thoughts on “10/18/12 from Mom

  1. We will be praying very hard Gail for Shane to listen to what the doctors have to tell him then face the next step. He sounds like an amazing son I know how hard this is for you I have been there. I will also pray for strength for you and you and your husband. Take care of yourselves.

  2. Gail, I am continuing to pray for Shane and all of you. I was in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican yesterday and prayed for Shane! Thank you for keeping all of us informed. Lynn

  3. The foundations that you and jack have built for your family will be there to see Shane through. I can only imagine how this news will affect him initially.
    Shane has so much to offer.
    As a parent, I can imagine how gut wrenching this is.
    It is my hope…and I bet not just mine alone, that Your trust in God will bring you through and give you peace and the strength you will need as Shane navigates this new path.
    We continue to send love and prayers all the time. You are never far from my thoughts. Prayer chains everywhere continue to buzz! Especially over the next few days!
    With the love and support shane has from his family and friends he is already lucky!
    I’m here if you need me!
    Love, sandi

  4. We continue to pray for Shane and hope that he will be able to continuously move forward in his recovery. Knowing how much support and love all of us have for him, will hopefully help him to have a positive outlook as he faces the journey ahead.

  5. Gail
    I read today’s update, and my heart goes out to you and Jack. As parents it doesn’t matter how old our children are, they are always our children, and we feel we need to take away whatever hurts them. It may not seem so right now.. .but that day will come. I want you to think of Gabby Gifford, the Congresswoman who was shot in the head, and not only recovered, but against all odds is doing amazingly well…surprising everyone. I know there is no easy way for Shane to come to terms with what has happened upon first recognizing his physical change, but there are professional people around him to get him to the next step so he can prepare for rehab. As his Mom I know you will try to be both his cheerleader and sounding board, as that’s what Moms do. But it is okay to let those who love you and want to care for you, know when you are scared and need a cheerleader too.
    Greg and I will continue our prayers and may God watch over all of you.
    Love Barbara and Greg

  6. My heart aches for all of you. We all know how difficult the next days will be. The one thing that stands out in all of this is how tremendously you are all loved. Shane is on my mind and in my heart every second. Praying that love and your faith will comfort you in the days ahead. I am here if you need to talk…954-554-6477
    ❤ Cindy

  7. Hoping not to sound “trite” but as I was reading your words I kept hearing God’s voice saying “Shane is still here. The heart, the strength, the faith, the mind that was Shane, still is” There is nothing easy or fair about what is ahead, but you all have more faith and power in God than any other family I know and this is not a battle that you all will have to fight alone. Blessings, prayers and love.

  8. As you face the coming days your heartache is palpable, but so is your strength. I know Shane’s amazing spirit, supported by all of you, will help him to find peace & continue moving forward.
    We will continue to think, hope, & believe in you all, Meryl

  9. I have always admired the love and faith that make up your family dynamics. Individually, you each have the spirit and strength that allow you to achieve your individual goals. Together you can move mountains. Trust in our Lord to guide you and take one day at a time. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers daily. Love you guys.

  10. God love all of you. We hear the agony in your words and pray that your continuing faith will bring you through this part of the journey–seamlessly. Love and hugs–Pat & Kevin

  11. Hi Moskos. I can only imagine the overwhelming sad feeling of watching your son go thru all that Shane is going thru. I pray for you all daily, and I am praying for strength for all of you, when Shane realizes exactly what is ahead of him. You are such a close strong family, and God will be there with you all, as this part of Shane’s journey is upon him. Oh God hold him tight and give him strength to deal with this news, with the peace that passes all understanding. We know you have been with Shane and will continue to strengthen him and heal him as only you can do. Love you all. The Metcalfs

  12. As we faithfully read your posts, Shane has become our son too.
    All our daily prayers are offered for Shane and for Gail, Jack,
    Chelsea, Tyler and Esther. As parents it is natural for us to want
    to transfer his pain to ourselves. Be strong, our good God is with
    you all.
    Rick and Donna

  13. Dear Mosko family,
    Our prayers continue for Shane and for all of you. Praying for the Lord’s peace that passes understanding for all of you, and the Holy Spirit to be leading, guiding, protecting, strengthening and comforting you in all of this. we love you and are keeping on praying.
    roz & lane

  14. Dear Gail and family, you are all in my heart. I’m praying for God’s grace, mercy and blessings to be poured upon all of you; I pray for a miracle of complete healing for Shane; wisdom and guidance for the doctors; strength, comfort, peace, patience, and rest for you and your family while you wait on the Lord to touch Shane with His healing hands and mighty power. God has a huge plan for Shane; many people will see and hear God’s glory and power through him when they hear his amazing testimony. God is with each one of you and will carry you through this difficult journey. Praise Him! Luv U. Xiomara Christman

  15. We can only imagine the pain of watching your child struggle to regain his strength only to know there are so many more hurdles ahead. You are so courageous.
    We continue to pray for your strength and for progress for Shane.

  16. Continually praying for you all every day and wish there was something /anything we could do for you. Love to you all. Daphne

  17. YES Gail! this is the body of CHRIST coming together, and reminding you that GOD loves you, and here in the valley is where we meet HIM. I LOVE YOU, I wish I could be there to give you a big hug!

  18. Gail, Jack, Chelsea, Tyler and Brittany,
    Your sentiments about trading places with Shane are understood as the wish of parents to take away any pain and suffering that our children must endure and the sentiment is truly heart wrenching. Shane has a beautiful, loving family that we continue to ask our Lord to guide through the next steps in his recovery. The days ahead may be more difficult than the last, but with God’s love and guidance, we pray that He give you all the strength to stay the path and give you hope for a bright future for this special guy. We continue our prayers for Shane and the Moskos. Our hugs to Shane and all of you. Much love,
    Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt

  19. Gail….i will/can do whatever you need for your family….I can come ane cook and clean for all you and I promise , I will stay in the background. it would be an honor and my blessing to help in anyway possible…..think it over….debra davey…ima

  20. Dear Gail and Family, We have been told all of our lives that God never gives us more than we can handle….and that what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. As you are experiencing this, it is hard to imagine that God has a plan, and a purpose for Shane and your entire family. But, Dave and I know this to be true, because we could see Christ through you, the way that you conduct yourself everyday, and through Shane, the one time we met him and he beamed with pride at being with his Mom. We believe that God will see you through this and that there is a higher calling for Shane in this. We continue to lift you up everyday in our prayers and we thank you for your faithful updates. Dave Schmidt and Melinda Brock

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