10/17/12 from Mom

Shane had a restful night and was resting comfortably this morning when we arrived to talk to the Physiatrist who will be examining Shane in a few days to determine the extent of his paralysis. He cannot examine Shane until he is aware and can participate in the examination. The Doctor in the trauma unit did another bronchoscopy to look at his lungs, his white blood count has increased and they were concerned about a possible infection in Shane’s lungs. They removed some secretion and will be sending it to the lab for tests. He continues to rest which is good and the meds are continuing to be decreased.


8 thoughts on “10/17/12 from Mom

  1. Our thoughts and prayers continue every day for Shane and your entire family. I pray for continued progress and healing for him. Lisa Clynes

  2. As Shane continues to rest peacefully,my deepest concern in the moment is you, Jack, Chelsea and Ty (and his family). Our worlds are difficult to navigate daily at their best….and having to leave Shane’s bedside to peice together the realities of work, school, family etc is something I wish we could a take care of for you. As we know that is impossible. We are available and more than willing to be there when you can’t….day or night……for a minute, an hour or as long as needed.
    Lifting you up in love and prayer for God’s gentle spirit to wrap around you.
    Blessings and love….

  3. Dear Gail & Jack,
    We can’t even imagine what you are going through as parents – you are such a close family and we think of that every day. We are thinking so much of Chelsea and Tyler as you are as all so close. Siblings are so important and will help to give Shane strength.
    We are really praying that Shane has reached a point that he moves continually forward and has no further set-backs. If we can help in ANY way we hope that you will let us – whether it’s at home or otherwise. When Matt was sick it was comforting that we could be with him and my brother offered to cut the lawn…. Little things can mean so much so you can be with Shane. Please don’t hesitate if you need us in any way…Our thoughts and prayers are with you all every day..
    Wishing you all our best at this difficult time….Denise, Dave , Matt & Ryan

  4. All members of the west pines united soccer club were shocked and and deeply sad to hear of Shame’s mid-fortune. Our prayers go out to the Mosko family in their period of grief.
    May the good Lord rest His hand on Shane to allow him a full recovery.

  5. While at the dentist today, Dr. Slamon and his staff asked me to express their heartfelt desire for Shane’s recovery and send their love and support to all of the Mosko’s. So many lifting you up in prayer!! Sonja B.

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