10/15/12 from Mom

Monday, day fifteen in the ICU trauma unit. Doctors came in this morning and changed the sponge in the wound vac and looked at incision. I was actually able to see it. They have left the incision open and by inserting the sponge and running the wound vac it is helping his incision to close. Doctors thought it looked good. After they left the next team walked in and did a tracheotomy. It is great to see Shane without the tubes in his mouth. He had anesthesia for that surgery and is currently resting comfortably. The plan is to slowly bring down a lot of the medications that he is on and have him wake up and be calm. Praying that this can be accomplished.


12 thoughts on “10/15/12 from Mom

  1. Praying for Shanes calmness and clarity. Also praying for continued strength for Mom and Dad , Chelsea , Tyler & Brittany. We Love You. Blessings. Aunt Janice. ( The Carey family )

  2. May The Lord shine down on Shane and let this week start a new beginning. May He start healing Shane physically and give Shane the strength mentally to move forward,
    Continued prayers and love, Kathy

  3. Gail and family, we are praying for Shane to gather strength and calmness from his Awesome Lord and Savior , his amazing mother, and his loving family. Our heartfelt thanks for your updates, Dave and Melinda

  4. Greg and I are there praying with you. Glad to hear the incision is healing better. Please remember although many of us are not right beside you we are with you throughout the day, and even at night when we awaken saying one more prayer for Shane.
    It was so sweet of you to call us last night. We were at Greg’s Mom, and sorry we missed the call. Please know we would be happy to do anything for your Mom at this end. Do not hesitate to ask.
    Love Barbara

  5. Dearest Gail, I have been out of the country since the end of Sept, just found out today about your son, Shane.. Please know so many people are thinking about you, praying for you & standing in agreement for Shanes Full Recovery.. May God continue to give you The Strength & Wisdom needed at this time. Will be in touch.. Most Sincerely, Linda Costanzo

  6. Gail and Family: As I posted earlier God has a path for all of us to follow with Shane. As we have travelling I only see Gods work, sunshine and a Huge Rainbow will Shane and all of us enjoying a renewed life.

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