10/14/12 from Mom

Shane had a restful night and then became quite agitated this morning. He had to go up on some of the medication that we were trying to decrease. Currently he is resting comfortably. We just signed the consent for the tracheotomy which is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Hopefully this will produce a positive effect and help with the breathing as well as the agitation. The wound vac is still pumping out secretion from his incision on his back. They will look at this again tomorrow. The Psychologist that is working with the trauma team is off on the weekend and should resume conversations with the other team members and discuss changes in his medication. Hoping Monday is a great start to the week, with the tracheotomy first thing tomorrow.


18 thoughts on “10/14/12 from Mom

  1. I know Shane is on his way to recovery. With the love and support of such an amazing family and God’s blessings he will continue to grow stronger. My heart and prayers are with you. Stay strong. God Bless you all. Joanna

  2. Hello.. Just praying for Shane to be filled with the holly spirit, so he can feel the peace that surpassed everything. Our love, The Melendez.

  3. As Shane takes the time he needs to heal, we are continuing to pray for a strong recovery for him and peace for all of you.

  4. Gail
    Greg and I will keep Shane in our continual prayers. I don’t claim to have any medical knowledge, but from what I have read Shane is a spirited young man, so I would think he would be agitated each time his sedation wears off. Right now it may his way of trying to control something. But eventually, and I pray sooner rather than later, he will find a way to recognize what has happened, allow his mind to accept the current situation, and ease off the sedation. That strong spirit is like a two edged sword. Right now he is fighting something he cannot figure out , but I do believe that when his rehab starts it will be this same strong spirit that moves him forward.
    As parents we can only imagine the roller coaster you are all on. But I see your faith is great, and hope will move you day to day. Although these days are extremely difficult, the future will be better. May God watch over all of you.
    Love Barbara And Greg

    • Gail and Family

      I wanted to keep this short.
      I know that God has a plan for Shanes recovery. It includes all of up listening and making our with Shane.

      May we all remain blessed and keep the courage and the wisdom to do the right thing.
      Steve Carter, IMA.

      I have been reporting to Gail for a short time, but it has been a great.
      Steve Carter scdfw20@aol.com

  5. Thinking about you round the clock….I know God is blessing you, Jack and the kids with strength, and love. Shane will be continually in my prayers,as will everyone. Stay strong and know that your AA family is praying very hard for you too….Much love…Steph

  6. Thanks for the continued updates. We continue to think of Shane and all of you each minute of the day. Was sad to hear he needs another surgery but sounds as if it will help with the recovery process. Shane has been through a tough situation and we all know that he will continue to battle this struggle. Shane we love you so much and pray for your improvement. Love Unc

  7. We love you and lift your entire family up in prayer continually. Shane will be more comfortable with the trach and it will be easier to wean him off the vent with it. And it’s reversible. We are all here for you. Blessings. Aunt Janice.

  8. I asked Jesus again to help Shane in his recovery, to give him added strength to fight this traumatic battle. I hold him in my heart, and my prayers. Goodnight to you and your loved ones

  9. Gail, we’re praying for Shane’s surgery tomorrow knowing it’ll give his airway the rest it needs for him to take another step towards his recovery. Big hug, Lisa and Conrad

  10. Though are hands can’t lay healing prayer on you all, our hearts are holding you tight and know that Shane and you are in the best care God can provide. Blessings and love.

  11. Thinking of you and praying that God will guide you all through this most difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Ed and Kathy

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