Saturday 10-13-2012 update from Dad

Shane continues to rest today. The medical staff is working with different meds that will assist him with controlling mood swings. Although pretty sedated he does open his eyes and acknowledge us in the room. The nurse asked him if wanted to watch some football which he shook his head yes; he set up the TV for him. Not sure what he understands but it’s encouraging to see him respond as small as the responses are. They continue to have the drain device set up for yesterday’s back procedure; the Dr said the cultures of the wound look good. His older brother Tyler is with us since the latter part of this week from Virginia, which has been awesome: Shane has an incredible bond with his older brother and sister.

The plan this week will involve the probable insertion of the trachea on Monday. This will provide some relief to his throat and enable him to talk when he is cognizant to do so. The 1st two times when the air tube was removed and he became anxious they placed a mask over his nose and mouth for oxygen. This proved to be somewhat invasive for him which he fought and may have incited his agitation. With no need for the mask perhaps this will provide a calmer setting. Shane is an incredibly strong young man with an amazing spirit; we love him so much and are fighting one step at a time to get him back. Thank you for your continued thoughts, love, and prayer and for your words of comfort and wisdom; your ministry to us has been amazing! May the outflow of blessing to you be multiplied many fold and beyond what we can begin to ask or think! Again, thank you!


12 thoughts on “Saturday 10-13-2012 update from Dad

  1. Please tell Gail that her co-workers are praying for Shane and the family. Trust in the Lord! Talk to the Lord! Believe in the Lord! – in JESUS name.

    Acts 4:12 English Standard Version
    12 And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

  2. Hey Shane, it’s Bobby Holmes, just wanted to send a message to say we’re all thinking of you on Patuisset, and to tell you to keep fighting, I know you’ve got it in you, I KNOW you’ve got in you, and we’ll see you back on the Island when you wup this. Take care my friend, I’ll talk to you later.

  3. Thank Goodness the earlier infection was found and Shane is being rid of those toxins.
    Hang in there, so happy Tyler came to visit. Shane is in good hands and you guys need to stay healthy for him. Constantly praying for Shane and the Mosko family, love you guys, Kathy

  4. Just wanted to let you know that my family and I are praying for Shane’s recovery everyday. My thoughts and prayers will stay focused on your family throughout this difficult time. Your family has everything it needs to see Shane through this. You have an abundant amount of love and a very strong faith in our Lord. Thank you for the daily updates, I log on everyday to read them. If I can do anything at all, please let me know. God Bless you all. I love you guys.

  5. Dear Jack and Gail,
    We are continually in prayer and aware of Shane’s situation. We love you all and appreciate your updates. Please keep us in your minds for whatever you might need.
    Eduardo & Urania

  6. Love you Shane. So glad that you are resting. One day at a time,my dear nephew. Prayer is answered and God hears them. Blessings. Aunt Janice. Thank you for all the daily updates. So helpful to stay
    in touch.

  7. Dear Gail and Family — Sending more prayers and special thoughts to all of you, and especially Shane, that each day he grows stronger and stronger and faces each new challenge with the strength drawn from his family and friends.
    God Bless and keep HOPE alive.
    Anna Notte-Bonnin (IMA)

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