Wendesday night update-10-10-2012: from Dad

Today proved to be somewhat of an eventful day, all postitive from how it intially began. It all started with the possibility of new back surgery due to what the nurses thought was more than normal leakage from the intial surgery 9 days ago. As it turns out the surgeon was not concerned with the leakage and simply stated they would continue to monitor; no need for other surgery.

The medical staff coninued to ween him off of his sedative medication and he is continuing to progress with taking preliminary steps to waking up. Last night he was opening his eyes and it seemed to me he was doing his best to try to find himself in the situation, trying hard to figure it out, or working to piece it together. Today, the medical phycologist periodically addressed him with questions in which he responded with a head nod or hand jesture. Each time they began to talk specifically about the car accident he would close his eyes seemingly indicating he did not want to go down that road as of yet. At one point when the Dr. left and the nurse began to speak he immediately opened his eyes and was responsive to her; Shane has always been head strong with knowing what he wants and knows how to get it; he is an amazing young man.

The great news is that he has been restful all day when being spoken to and at those times been in control, not exhibiting the anxious behavior that prompted him to be quieted medically. The hope is that tomorrow we will continue to progress to the point of removing the air tube and him continuning to wake up. Today is the completion of his 11th day in Bed #2 at the ICU trauma unit; an amazing reality. A Dr. told me early on that when Shane is ready to move forward he will let us know. As he progresses they would follow his lead and respond accordingly.

I heard a broadcast a few days ago that made reference to a scripture verse: Habakkuk 2.3. It says: “for the vision is yet for an appointed time; it hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay.” What a powerful word for us at this time. We believe Shanes healing is iminent, but truly will occur in its due time, and in its own way. The very difficult thing is to be patient and let it run its proper course; it is a process and a journey. Thank you for standing with us during this time and in the gap in prayer for Shane; words cannot express our overwhelming gratitude!


14 thoughts on “Wendesday night update-10-10-2012: from Dad

  1. Jack, so happy to hear Shane is beginning to move forward in his recovery process. Thank you for the beautifully written update. I visited some relatives today and they too will be praying for Shane. Continuing to pray. Lynn

  2. So excited about the news, so glad he needs no more surgery and is coming around. God is so good and he knows what Shane needs at what time. Praise Him! Praying for you all.

  3. Jack and Gail,
    Our daily thoughts and prayers are with you and Shane. Great news today! I will relay the news to my mother in Maine. I am sure she is having conversations with your mother (Jack) through her prayers for Shane’s recovery. Keep the faith!
    Judy Llodra (Rivard)

  4. Thank you for keeping this blog….I am certain you both are personally going through an emotional roller coaster. You got the call every parent dreads and now have to go through the “why Shane” and ” what did we do wrong” emotions. First of all, please always remember you are absolutely the best parents to Shane, there was nothing that you could or should have done differently. Only time will tell what happened , but is that really important ? Not at all. What is important is that you understand that you both need to stand together, staying strong and unwavering in your belief in God, yourselves and Shane. Understand that there will be moments that one of you need a hug and emotional shove out of what I call the Poor Me feelings. Learning to recognize and understand those moments is important ……yes, been there, wrote the book, my friends. Hang in there!!!! Eleven days is a short time when you think about it, and look at all of the progress your strong son has made!!!!! And tomorrow will be another better day!!! John, I am just a phone call away for you and Gail….you know what I did for almost 20 years to help families in Connecticut and although retired, I have not lost my skills…call me if you need me!!!!
    Pat Hill 860. 681.4350.

  5. Dear friends Jack and Gail, may God continue blessing you in this journey.
    Praised HIM in the storm. There is a Psalm, do not remember the verse, that talks about God allowing us to go through deep waters, but not letting us drown.
    Praying for Shane and all of you.

  6. Encouraging news for Shane’s continuing progress forward. Hope that tomorrow is another positive day with many more to come.

  7. Thank You Father, that good teachers want their students to pass the tests they are given and equip them to do so. Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit as the Master Teacher so that we can pass every test. I ask You to abundantly equip Shane and His family to pass this test with such high marks that everyone around them will be astounded.

    Lord, let the doctors be mystified, shaking their heads that the physical, emotional and spiritual healing You will suddenly reveal in Shane doesn’t make sense to them. We are the sheep of YOUR pasture, and we desire the demonstration of Your surpassing glory, for You are the God Who heals us of ALL our diseases and infirmities. We ask You to do a new thing, a thing that has never before been done, a God-thing.

    Testify of Your favor for Your children, Lord, and bring amazing restoration for this family, that everything the enemy has tried to rob from them will be returned, along with punitive damages from the enemy. We thank You for Your gift of peace You left as our rightful inheritance; I ask that You will guard this family’s hearts and minds with Your peace and they not allow anything to defraud them of this great prize that is rightfully theirs. We thank You, Father, that You invite us to not fear, for You are with us, and to not look anxiously about ourselves, for You are our God and will uphold us in Your righteous right hand. Hallelujah! Amen!

  8. Every parent’s heart aches for you and reads every update with initial trepidation and then a sense of relief and hope. Thank you for sharing your journey; it is one of courage and faith.

  9. Gail and family,
    Thank you so much for your daily updates. I am so happy to hear about this bit of good news and hope each days brings more and more positive news I still will be keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Eileen

  10. my name is Teresa Arcay and I am the assistant to Marc A. Buoniconti – President of The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. I’ve learned about Shane’s accident via a dear friend of mine who works with Shane’s mother at AA. If you feel I can be of help, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I pray that all continues to move forward and in the right direction for Shane’s speedy recovery. Blessings to all! tarcay@med.miami.edu

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