10/9/12 From Mom

Good afternoon, Shane had a restful night and continues to be resting. His fever is gone and they have removed the electric cooling wrap that was on his body and he is maintaining a normal temperature. They are decreasing some of his medications with the hope of once again trying to remove breathing tube later in the week. Your comments, continued support and prayers is helping our family get through this day to day. Thanks again.


13 thoughts on “10/9/12 From Mom

  1. Hi Gail, Jack and family…..thinking of you today as I wait thru several appts at Dana Farber. Witnessing God’s immense love and care for us all and the miracles he holds up in our Dr’s and nurses, especially at a place like helps make me know for sure how good Shane is being cared for. It also reminds me just how draining the “wait” can be. I pray for you all……..and am holding your hearts in mine….xxoo…blessings and prayers…..

  2. We loved meeting Shane this past summer and were impressed by what a great kid he is. Please know that he is constantly in our prayers. Our church and Bible Study group are also praying for him. We appreciate the blog you have set up so we can keep track of his progress and keep our praying friends posted. God bless you all.
    Brad and Chris Schumacher

  3. Dear Gail,
    I am so sorry to hear about Shane. I recently came across pictures of our trip to Disney when the kids were little…… made me think of you and your family. I will be keeping your family in my prayers….God always blessed you with amazing strength, and fortitude, grace and faith. May God bless you during this difficult time. If you ever need a friend, I’m only a phone call away….919-697-9044…Much love and peace…Steph

  4. Gail and family
    We continue our prayers throughout the day and night, for all our you. May God watch over all of you . If you need us to check in with your Mom, and see what she needs we would be happy to. Please let us know
    Barbara and Greg

  5. We are here even if you feel alone we are praying when you think all hope is gone you are never alone we will be here until this pain is gone.

  6. Gail, Jack and family – we will keep Shane in our prayers. We know how difficult it is for you but your faith will give you the strength to get through. If there is anything at all we can do please let us know. Mom has been checking with your mom to make sure she’s ok.
    Love, Fred & Kim Johnson & Tom & Dixie Webb

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