Sunday morning update- 10-7-2012

Shane had a very restful night; his fever is totally gone. This morning they lowered one of his sedative medications by 50% and he is handling that well. Looking ahead, the next steps are for him to be moved to a step down room (a lateral move, still ICU, but not as extreme as the trauma unit), then again to another step down room on the regular floor where some preliminary rehab steps will begin.

Once released from Hartford hospital the plan is to transport him directly to Gaylord hospital, a rehabilitation hospital in Wallingford, Ct where he will begin his rehab. Gaylord is one of 16 hospitals of its type in the nation that specialize in spinal cord trauma and is recognized as a leader in the field. Gail and I visited with them this week and are extremely impressed with their accommodations, staff, and provided services. The amazing thing is that it is about 20 minutes from our house in Southington and about 15 minutes from my work. The ball is in motion with getting him processed. Again, this is our future plan.

Additionally, as Jennifer in NC was sharing information regarding her friend who was supported by the Miami Project at the U of M our friend Sandra in FL shared of her relationship with the head of the project. He has been sent all of the medical records and pictures which he will be reviewing early this week. As parents we are committed to do all that we can for Shane: look at the doors that are opening for him! The scripture states “that if God be for us, who can be against us”! We know that He has and will have the final word; we are believing that Shane will continue to astound many; thank you for your continued prayer!


13 thoughts on “Sunday morning update- 10-7-2012

  1. Dear Gail,
    My heart is heavy with thoughts of you, Shane and family.
    You all are in my daily prayers.
    Praying for Shanes recovery and strength to endure for you and Jack.
    May God bless the Mosko family.
    So pleased to read the wonderful updates. Thanks for sharing.
    Lynn Potter

  2. Jack, thank you for the update. It’s the first thing I look for when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I look for before I go to bed at night. We do have an awesome God! In times of tragedy, God’s love is poured out through family, friends and even complete strangers. It sounds like things are moving forward. Definitely good to hear. My parents, my brothers and sisters are all praying for Shane and your family. Russ told the Men’s Group at St. Marks…they are also praying. Also, I have several classmates from high school that have informed me that they are praying for Shane. In my family alone, Shane has been placed on several prayer chains and we are just one family. Can you imagine how many prayer chains he is on??? Our brothers and sisters in Christ are all coming together for your son and your family. God Bless all of you. Looking forward to the next update. Lynn

  3. Great news in Shane’s recovery process!. Thanks so much for the daily updates, we look for them every day so we can stay connected to all of you. We send our prayers, and our love.

  4. Glad to hear that everything is moving in a positive direction. You are so right, with GOD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
    Donna LeClaire

  5. Shane is without any duobt a fighter and with all the love and support from his family,friends and country wide prayers he will overcome this adversity!! God Bless you all Chris &Laurie

  6. The news is encouraging. Prayers are flying up to heaven and are being answered. One day Shane will be perfectly healed.

  7. Gail & Jack,
    Thank you for your updates. I know how hard it must be to write them. Glad to hear Shane’s condition is moving in a positive direction. Even on vacation I check for the blog daily. Prayers from the whole Fresta family are heading Shane’s way. God Bless you all.
    Bonnie, Ernie, Meghan & Lindsey

  8. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are happy to hear of Shane’s progress. I have asked my church to pray for Shane . We are positive he will have a safe recovery .

    Dave, Andrea,Andre , Kylie

  9. Gaylord is one of the best rehab facilities. I realize it is down the road bit he will continue to be in good hands. My family send loving positive healing energy to your family every day.

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