Saturday afternoon update 10-6-2012 from Dad

Shane is resting well and has had no incidents of agitation or restlessness. Due to the staffs confidence of no head or neck trauma there is no need for a neck brace, which has proven to be a source of irritation for him. Also, because of this there is no need to draw down on his medication and wake him up every 2 hours and have him respond to questions: this is a great thing. They have provided him with a specialized cooling blanket and his temperature has dropped almost to the normal state.

As he is quieted and resting he seems to be in an environment conducive for healing. The air-tube seems to be precautionary in that they have the oxygen setting at its lowest possible point. As he awakens it is normal for him to get anxious and with it in can easily increase its flow if there is a need.

He has been through an amazing ordeal. Some of the specifics of the accident and his current status do not correlate as to why he is still with us. The answer is quite simple: God has a plan for him which we know will unfold in time; this temporary circumstance will pass. We understand it will be a challenging and trying road but through Gods grace He will cause it to work out for good. God bless you!!!


23 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon update 10-6-2012 from Dad

  1. Thank you for keeping us updated My prayers are so much with Shane. Would you believe that I’m going to Church tommorrw. I know he’s going to be fine. God is so much with him. I recall what you and your family went through during your pregnancy. Shane is a very strong boy. He’ll get through this too. Gail is there anything I can do for your mother. I can escort her to Hartford if you like. Bernadette

  2. What a wonderful message. We are in constant prayer for Shane. Look forward to his continued progress. Thanks for sharing with us. Diana and Bill

  3. Hi, My name is Teresa Hickox. I am a Flight Attendant in IMA. My son Chris was in an accident three yrs ago and is now a quad. We have gone though all the things you are going through and there is life after a SCI. Please feel free to call me 954-288-7232 if you have any questions. My son is now 26 and a very active, positive person. When Shane is feeling better, I would love him to talk with Chris. His number is 954-288-7232. God be with you and wrap his arms around you during this difficult time. Here if you need a lift. xo

  4. Jack, your updates are great…it amazes me that in this time of turmoil, you can find words that so eloquently help your friends and family feel better and understand this process.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, as ever.
    Having been through a serious car injury with Keri many years ago, I know how frightened you all are.
    I hope reading all of these messages shows you how much your family is loved and cared for and I know you believe in the power of prayer!
    Again, grateful for the updates. Please give Gail a special little hug for me..
    Love, sandi Neil

    • Can’t tell u how blown away I am of everyone’s
      Love and support. If I can give a little back from a simple update than they will keep coming. We love u guys: give Bill a big hug for us: we will get through this.

  5. Our continued prayers for Shane’s recovery. We also continue to ask the Lord to watch over his family in this difficult journey. Ryan sends his love and best wishes to his friend. Jack, thanks so much for your updates – a big hug to you and Gail and the family. God be with you all. Lots of love, Denise, Dave, Ryan and Matt Govoni

  6. Dear Gail and Family, we continue to say our prayers for Shane and all of you. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated on Shane’s recovery process. I find you and Jack an amazing inspiration of what true faith is all about…. your words are heartfelt and eloquent. Tomorrow when I go to Mass I will pray to Our Blessed Mother, for I believe she understands a parent’s heartache, and ask her to watch over all of you.
    Lots of Love
    Barbara and Greg

  7. Thank you Jack for keeping us all informed on his progress all our thoughts love and prayers are with you all! prayers prayers and love will help heal him! I will be at mass and put his name in the prayer book. I called my mom in calif she prays her rosesary every day she will put Shane at the top of her prayers and God does listen to her. So love prayers are with you all as well as God’s loving arms!
    Michelle Chuck Ashley and Matt.

  8. I just learned of your situation and I wanted to express my support and heartfelt wishes for Shane’s recovery. Please know that you are all in my thoughts. All my love to your family at this difficult time.

    Helen Thorne

  9. Dearest Gail & Family,
    My family has witnessed several occasions, where God has answered our prayers. I for one believe in the power found, in the number of those who will reach out to you, and pray for Shane. God bless all of you.
    Cindi Guerra

  10. We are so touched that you find the time to keep us all informed of Shane’s continued progress. As you all must be exhausted, know that the prayers, good wishes and love will keep coming as we hope they help you through this new journey.

  11. Thank you so much for the updates…I cannot imagine what you guys are going through but i do know that God has everything under control. I am truely blessed to have been able to meet him on the cruise earlier this year. He is an amazing guy and i know he will get through by the grace of God. Praying for the whole family.

  12. So glad you have found it in your heart to update all of us…What an amazing family you are…I have no doubt that you are being watched over from above….We are with you every step of the way…..Shane and Michael are one day apart…remember Gail..I went first!….Praying for every day is better and better…Love you guys..
    Lenny and Cindy

  13. Dear Gail and Family, Just heard about what happened to Shane. I will say as many prayers as it takes for Shane’s recovery. Your faith in God will help you to get through this terrible journey. May each day get better and better for Shane.

  14. My wife and I continue to pray for Shane and the rest of the family. I am totally amazed by some of the things you are writing.

  15. Best wishes for a very speedy and complete recovery. Gail, if I can do anything for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Daibhidh Dent

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