Thursday PM 10-4-2012 from Dad

Shane had a lot of rest today, a day where the staff worked to continue to ween him off of the oxygen machine. They now have him down at the lowest possible supply of oxygen (a very good thing) and are down very close with his lung pressure where they are comfortable with the removal of the air-tube. He has had a slight fever but it is in check.

Hopefully, he will continue to have a restful night which will set tomorrow up to be a great day. Thanks again for your wonderful support and continued prayer; your encouragement has been a tremendous source of strength for which we are extremely grateful!


17 thoughts on “Thursday PM 10-4-2012 from Dad

  1. We continue to think of Shane every minute of the day. I find myself wondering why this happened to such a great person as I pray for him. I am hoping the air tube gets removed soon so he awakens. He has been through so much since last weekend……… the entire family I send my thoughts and prayers. Jack, Gail, Tyler and Chelsea “hang in there” better days are ahead. Love David

  2. Shane, Jack, Gail, Chelsea, Tyler & Brittany, all throughout the day, and every day, prayers are being offered up for healing and strength! ALL things are possible with God! May God Bless your entire family. You are deeply loved. Thank you for sharing. Lynn

  3. Gail, I just found out the news today. I’m keeping Shane and the rest of your family in my prayers. You have helped me at work so many times and if there is anything I can do for you please don”t be afraid to ask. God bless. Denise Rheaume-Gomez

  4. Shane and family we pray for you and you are on our minds continously. We hope that each day brings you closer to recovery. God Bless.

    Jack, Jorge Lozoda sends his prayers…………..

  5. Gail & Jack,
    How we wish we could turn back the clock and take this all away. Shane has a loving family who will see him through this and we pray for his continued progress. You are all in our thoughts and prayers always and although his progress may be measured in small increments, we ask the Lord to watch over Shane and keep all of you in his embarace. Our love to all of you,
    Denise, Dave, Matt & Ryan Govoni

  6. Our dear Shane. Rest tonight and tomorrow is another day. Our love and prayers for your entire family. Blessings. Aunt Janice and Uncle Richard.

  7. Praying for you guys. May the Lord’s strength, patience, unending love, wisdom and peace be with you during this process. Be encouraged with each passing day knowing that our almighty God is in control. God bless! Rakesh, Milly, RJ, Darshan & Deven Jhaveri

  8. Good morning, Mosko family….it’s Friday. Just a quick post to let you know thoughts and prayers are still coming from he Neil family. I hope cyber hugs make you feel a tiny it better. You are never out of my thoughts as the day goes on…much love….much…. Sandi and bill Neil

  9. Mosko Family,
    Our hearts go out to your family. Stay strong and don’t lose hope. You are in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless You.
    The Farmins – William, Deanna, and Christopher

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