Thursday 10-4-2012. from Dad

Shane had a good night last night with receiving the minimal amount of oxygen from the machine (he is weening off of the machine) and his lung pressure is getting at a good place. He did however have an episode this morning that was quickly addressed; this poses a delay with the tube being removed. They will continue to work towards its removal but that is based on how he responds today. They will again start decreasing the machines output and weening him off; they say it is common for this sort of up and down activity.

He just finished the planned procedure from yesterday that involves a sort of a cleansing of his lungs, something that they wanted to do prior to taking him off of the air-tube. The Dr said it went well.

Once off of the tube they will begin reducing his medication in which he will start to wake up. We are not sure what extent if any he understands or knows what has happened to him from the accident. Once awake they will have a greater understanding.

The transition from his current state to a cognitive one will require wisdom, much love, and counsel. We again thank you for your support and continued prayer.


8 thoughts on “Thursday 10-4-2012. from Dad

  1. Praying that He blankets all of you with His comforting shalom, that Shane sees angels ministering to him and the heavens opened up on his behalf, with the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God, just as Stephen saw Him at the end of Acts 7. May He reveal Himself as YHWH El Gemuwal, the God Who Restores, bringing full restoration. May God heal Shane and your whole family physically, emotionally and spiritually, released from trauma and the spirit of slavery leading again to fear. As a mom of a 24 and 22 year-olds, my heart is pouring out to our Lord on Shane’s behalf. Lord, we look forward to see how You will glorify Yourself through these circumstances, giving Shane a testimony of the power of Your Name that can not be denied. Hallelujah! Amen!

  2. Gail and jack…thanks so much for yhe updates! Thoughts and prayers are with Shane constantly…and for you Chelsea and Tyler too..
    Love to you all…
    Sandi and Bill

  3. We continue to pray and know God is working all this out for good and are trusting him with all our hearts. Lifting you and Jack up with our Abba’s strength. Pete and I will be up there for a great visit once he’s ready for visitors 🙂 Love Pete, Tricia & Happy

  4. Shane, Jack, Gail, Chelsea, Tyler & Brittany:

    You are all in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Love you with all our hearts. Shane is, and has always been, a strong person. There is no doubt that with everyone’s love and support, he will again amaze us all.

    Aunt Michelle and Del

  5. Thank you for the updates. Shane is constantly on our hearts and minds as well as the rest of the familia. Jack, Gail….-pls let us know when Shane will be able to receive visitors. Eric (Escoto) wanted to go this weekend and spend time with him.

    Love always,


  6. all is going in the right direction. I know without a doubt God is blanketing shane with strenght , healing and love. Blessings to you all. Luv Chris&Laurie

  7. Guys we love you! Thank you for taking the time, as you are going through this trial, to keep us posted about Shane’s progress.
    I cried as I read every comment and prayer, this is the Body of CHRIST coming together and we declare Shane’s complete healing.
    I was thinking back when you guys where still here in South Florida, and Shane was a teenager, how nice, how great! was to hear him pray. At he youth group he always volunteer to pray, OUR FATHER is taking care of Shane and all of you, with much love Lilian Nesper.

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