Wednesday 10-3-2012

We are overwhelmed with the flood of support, love, and encouragement during this difficult time with Shane. Words cannot express our extreme gratitude we have for you!! We know that heaven has received wave upon wave of prayer and petition on Shane’s behalf and we are absolutely certain that each one has been heard. Our Lord said that Shane’s Heavenly Father has EVERY hair on his head numbered: we know he is in His care.

Shane had surgery on Monday to straighten his spine with hardware: the surgery went well. He had significant damage to his lower area of the spinal cord and as of now has paralysis. Due to the bruising he sustained to his lungs during the accident he is still on an air-tube which will come out when they feel he will have no issues breathing on his own. Because of this he must be still which requires him to be sedated. He is very strong and becomes vey active when it starts to wear off. Once over this hurdle they will start moving towards rehab. At this point we will be able to get a better read.

The staff here at Hartford hospital is awesome with their expertise, dedication to detail, and compassion.
Thank you for your love for Shane and support to us. Again, we can’t thank you enough; God bless you! We have set up this blog and will keep you updated as things progress: I promise, they will not be as long-winded moving forward. Please continue to pray!!!


23 thoughts on “Wednesday 10-3-2012

  1. Praying for your sweet Shane and praying for you guys. Thank you for putting together this blog. Please know that you are all in our hearts. Much love, Ana Adler

  2. Mr and Mrs Mosko I know I speak on behalf of all of Shane’s friends when I say thank you so much for making this! I cannot imagine the difficult time you and your family are going through and to allow us to know what is happening makes us really grateful! We all love Shane so much and want a speedy and the best recovery possible! We will continue to pray for Shane and the rest of your family! ❤
    Taylor Zerbe

  3. Ever since the moment I heard what had happened, I have not stopped praying for Shane and you guys… My heart breaks over what happened but I am holding onto Matthew 19:26 “With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible.” May Shane & your family feel the presence of the Lord so strongly during this difficult time. We love you & are praying continuously for you…

  4. Gail and family, Thank you for this blog. A great idea. Shane is in my thoughts at all times and is in my daily prayers for a full and perfect recovery. This is a difficult time for you, yet so many people wish you well. May it come to pass speedily.

  5. God is hope and God is healing……how well I know and believe this. Thanks for the blog…your Dighton family is praying as hard as we can….and you know how much we love you!

  6. Anyone who knows Shane, love Shane! A wonderful young man with a great big heart. As I am so saddened about this, I am also rejoicing because he is alive and I have faith that he will continue to be strengthened by the Lord. God knows all things and He is in the midst of this all. I love you Shane, and I love the Moskos. I will surely keep praying. XOXO

  7. How thoughtful and caring of YOU to think of us and to create this way of sharing Shane’s story at this very difficult time for you.
    Please let us know if there is anything you need. All of us have you and Shane in our hearts and prayers.
    Gary and Maria Nardone

  8. Prayer and God……………Need anything else be said? We Are praying for Shane and your entire family! Love Tom & Peggy Turpin

  9. Jack, Gail, Shane and family…it makes us so sad to see you all going through this very difficult situation. We love you all and are praying for Shane’s recovery and strength for the family- we can only imagine how trying this is for all of you!! It is amazing to see all of the friends and loved ones reaching out and praying for all of you. I know the prayers will be heard!

    Love, Bryan and Kim Deitke

  10. The Delbridge family is sending much love and prayers for all of you! Please let us know if you need anything! Brian left Jack a voicemail! God is the great physician and will heal Shane! Stand on your faith! Much love

  11. Jack and Gail, I just found out about his now. I am in shock that something so serious could have happened to Shane that it he would have to face this type of surgery. I declare in the name of Jesus that everything will be set right and in working order. Shane will recover completely that no one will ever know that was seriously injured.

  12. I trained Shane when he started out at sliders. I knew right away he was a good kid. When I heard of his accident I was devastated. I am happy to hear that he is improving. Shane and your family are in my prayers. He is strong and I know he will get through this. Please keep us posted…

    Rebekah DelVecchio

  13. Thanks so much for these updates – We’re thanking God in advance
    for Shane’s complete healing – Each hour of our day we pray for
    Shane, Gail, Jack, Chelsea, Tyler and Esther. Much love, Rick & Donna

  14. Gail, Jack, Tyler, Chelsea & Esther – my mother and I are thinking of all of you and praying for Shane. Know that we love and support you and will be there for all of you throughout Shane’s recovery. Strength comes from the love of family and friends and please know that Shane and all of you have plenty of that to help you get through your difficult times.

  15. Jack and Gail, just found out that Shane was in an accident. My heart aches at the pain and uncertainty that Shane and you are going through. Shane is a wonderfully strong young man and WILL get better. God will strengthen Shane. I will pray for the healing and recovery for your son. Much love to the both of you, along with Tyler, Chelsea and your mother, Esther. If you need anything from South Florida, please call me 9/431-7788. Kathy

  16. Praying hard for Shane. Thinking of all of you and wishing I could be there. If you need help with anything please call me . Judy

  17. So sorry to hear of this difficult time. Positive and healing thoughts coming your way. I’m sure it is terribly difficult to be in your shoes at this time and God give you strength to endure and do all you can to get Shane back to a healthy state. Wishing you hope, health and an easy recovery for Shane.

  18. Gail and Family: Larry and I just heard about this today – our hearts and prayers go to you and to Shane. He’s such a strong person; anything is possible. We will concentrate our energies and prayers on healing and recovery. Bless you – Janette & Larry Gianatti

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