10/31/12 Praise report from Mom

This morning started off with the respiratory therapist coming in and checking the amount of air coming out of the trach, He was looking for a specific number to see if he could cap the trach for Shane to be able to talk and the number was too high. The therapist said he was going to talk to one of the trach doctors and would get back with us later in the day. We had also been told that ENT would be coming in to look at the edema. After the respiratory therapist left Shane and I prayed for healing of his body and for the swelling in his throat. About thirty minutes later the respiratory therapist returned and had a smaller size valve to replace the valve in his trach. As soon as he changed it, Shane began to speak and was so happy that he could once again communicate with his voice. So very grateful to the therapist who decided to try the smaller valve. The ENT came in and said the edema had gone down so much, that we could begin working towards the trach coming out for good. This would take a few days, however great news. The next step he needed to accomplish was the swallow test. He was taken to radiology and had to have a barium swallowing test. He passed, with a small restriction on his liquid intake, it needed to be a certain thick consistency but he would now be able to eat once again with no restriction. About six o’clock this evening his feeding tube was removed. Shane’s first request was for a very rich coffee milk shake from friendly’s. Chelsea and I were off to Friendly’s to oblige Shane. The smile was huge as he had his first beverage in thirty-two days. Now get this; after this (and this is icing on the cake) one of the trauma team Doctors came in to tell us that with the day that Shane had and the improvements, there is a 95% chance he will leave the hospital tomorrow for his rehab facility. Chelsea has already gotten dibs on being the transit rider in the ambulance and Shane and her have already strategized a plan to run the emergency lights and sirens during the commute. The plan (one that we set up 4 weeks ago) appears to be coming to fruition: if all falls into place he will be on his way to the rehab hospital. As we give thanks to GOD for the healing that is taking place in Shane. we also want to thank you for your continued prayers and support.


10/30/12 from Mom

Good evening, Shane was as restless last night as Hurricane Sandy. He did not sleep very much, he now has his computer and watched several movies while the storm past through. He had his physical therapy and went for an ultrasound on his legs to check for blood clots as well this morning. The rest of the day he just rested, he was finally able to get some sleep around 330pm. He wanted to take a nap so he could spend sometime with his Dad. We are hoping to get some information tomorrow morning from the ENT Doctors regarding the edema around his throat/trach and see what the plan is going forward as we address this issue. Shane is asking when he is going to Rehab, as he is ready to get started and take on this challenge. He is continually in prayer for GOD to heal his body as we are. Thank you for your continued love and support.

10/29/12 from Mom

Good Evening. Shane had a pretty restful day. Physical therapy came this morning and worked with him a little. He was unable to do any speech therapy with the trach because of the swelling in his throat area. The Doctors told us that it may be a couple of days before they can do his swallow test and let him try talking again. At this time, they do not want him to irritate his throat at all. He was very disappointed that he could not have anything to drink today. He had hoped that today would be the day, so now he is hoping sometime this week. He was moved from the step down unit to a room on a regular floor which means he is making progress. The obstacle with the throat was not anticipated and may possibly hold up his discharge to a rehab facility. The other obstacle could be hurricane Sandy, but so far she has not been to bad. We pray for everyone’s safety with the storm.

Sunday night update-10-28-2012: from Dad

Shane had a full day today filled with visits from many very close friends. Coach Keith from Shane’s Varsity soccer team presented Shane with a Blue Knight jersey with the signatures from all of the current players on this years team. Coach reminded Shane that once a Blue Knight, always a Blue Knight; being part of the family is a relationship that does not end. His face further lit up as he embraced his close friends Ryan, Jake, Nate, Raven, and Jordan. They spent a few hours laughing, cutting up, and reminiscing on old times. Even though Shane is not yet able to speak he was able to hand gesture and write brief notes on his writing pad. Beth, Denise, and Lori visited with Shane for a bit; their support and friendship have been such a powerful source of strength and encouragement for us during this time. Chelsea’s good friends Jessica and Eileen came from work and spent some time with Shane to close out his day. When I said he had a full day that was no exaggeration: once cared for by the nurse and us having some time in prayer together, he pretty much crashed.

Tomorrow they will reassess the swelling in his throat and determine a course of action. We are truly believing to see some great progress made this week to the point where he will move from this step down room to the final room at this hospital prior to being released to his rehabilitation program. Again, this will all unfold in its due time.

We heard a message from Joel Osteen this morning entitled ” staying in the game”. He spoke of those times in our lives when confronted by all odds, a bad thing happening, or an apparent catastrophe or event and our response to them. We were very touched by the message and were convinced it was a word for Shane and us at this time. We were pleased to record it and were looking forward to sharing it Shane at the appropriate time. Well, Shane woke up and our interaction led to me sharing a little of the message I heard today. I shared that I heard a message this morning and a little of what it was about. As it turns out at the time Joel came on, Shane’s TV was on and it was on the same channel as Joel’s broadcast and he heard the entire message. We believe in the ability and sovereignty of our Lord and are convinced He will work out all things together for good. At a later date we will revisit the message: what an amazing sequence of events. We love u; will revisit with u tomorrow.

Saturday afternoon update-from Dad 10-27-12

Thanks again for checking in on Shane as we begin day 1 in his new room and modified care. The room is set up for 2 patients in a shared environment, but up until now he has had it to himself. He does have a great view of Hartford but as of yet has not been able to absorb it. He had a restful night. He was awoken this morning by the medical team assessing him. He has some swelling in his throat which is prohibitive of the trach being reduced in size; they hope to address that with some meds. The ear nose and throat team now seems to be in the forefront with the challenge of taking him to the next level of recovery, working to building up his throat area with swallowing and building up his general strength. The ultimate goal as of today is by the end of the upcoming week having him to begin rehab.

Shane had a special visitor today (Shane Masters) sat for most of the early afternoon with him along with his sister Chelsea. Shane’s level of agitation that was frequently exhibited in the trauma unit seems to be gone. During waking moments he seems to be very mellow and laid back. At this stage he is good with communicating writing on the clip board and is effective with it. This recovery process is a one day at a time deal; compared to 1 week ago there is a major difference: no respirator, no hand restraints, a new level of awareness, when awake the ability to interact, his knowledge of where he is at and what has occurred with him, no paranoid moments, a significant reduction in pain killers and psych drugs, his back wound is on the right track, he no longer is fighting a fever or infection, and he is no longer in the trauma unit: I would have to say that is progress!!!

Our continued prayer is that you will be blessed in ways beyond what we can ask or think: again, thank you!!

10/26/12 from Mom

Day 27 in the ICU trauma unit turned out to be an eventful day. Shane began the day with occupational therapy and then progresses to some physical therapy. He was able to do the upper body physical therapy and wants us to bring in his hand grips to enable him to start getting his strength back. After his therapy he rested and then respiratory came in and capped his trach. He did find it difficult to talk. The therapist said that he would have to train himself on inhaling and as he exhaled saying his words. Not as easy as one would think.
During this time he had a couple of visitors which he enjoyed very much. He then rested much of the afternoon. Upon waking I proceeded to give him a cross that was just brought back this week from Jerusalem and given to him as a gift. Shane was in awe, that it was from the birth place of his Savior. He asked his Dad to say a prayer for his healing and the four of us held hands and prayed as a family. When Jack finished praying we were notified that Shane would be moving to the step down unit. By 7 pm Shane was in his new room and he now has a room with a view of the beautiful city of Hartford. We will wait and see what Hurricane Sandy provides for Shane to see out his window in the next few days. Rain or Snow? Shane at this point is now able to communicate by writing on a pad. It’s great to see that the arm restraints have been removed and he is now able to move a little more. The step down unit ordered a trapeze which Shane will use overhead to pull himself up and to reposition. The Doctors changed the wound vac today and were pleased with the way the wound is healing. We cannot leave the trauma unit without sharing our gratitude to all the individuals there who helped in the care and healing process of Shane during the last twenty seven days.

10/25/12 from Mom

Good evening,Shane had a restful night and began his day with a test from the Respiratory therapist to see if he was ready to cap the trach and also to see if he was able to swallow. Shane became very disappointed and frustrated. Shane did ask the nurse to get the Chaplain who came in and we prayed for Shane’s healing. Shane remained with his eyes closed the remainder of the day and slept until about 8 when he finally broke down and cried. We cried together and talked or shall I say I talked as Shane still cannot talk, however his hand writing is becoming easier to read each day that he is off the high doses of medication.

We are very blessed to have a friend who made a call to someone they know who works with mobility challenged people. This gentleman called me today and then called The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to have them contact us. It was enlightening to have a conversation and begin the process of understanding what lies ahead for all of us. My sincere appreciation for the contact.

Shane is in the beginning stages of processing what lies ahead for him. He will probably have a lot more days like today but we are praying that he will find his can do attitude and take this on.

Thank you for caring.